Saturday, January 9, 2010

We are in Piamonte visiting our friends, Chris and Charles. They live on the other side of the valley from U. Peace, and it takes about an hour to get here by car. I am slowly getting used to the wild way that people drive here. You need to be vigilant when walking on the road (no sidewalks).

We explored a little of the land near our friends´house. It was a beautiful shady walk down to the river, and I saw some of the most gorgeous tropical flowers I´ve ever seen. Carlos helped to fix a fountain/waterwheel combo with Charles, and they came back to the house beaming with pride. Charles has worked on this particular problem for two years. Success! We´ll see if it´s still functioning tomorrow.

The kids love being surrounded by nature and walking outside. It is beautiful in the countryside.

We visited Rancho Montezumo yesterday, and Leticia and Jose Luis were there to welcome us. They are such sweet, understanding and accomodating people. The kids, Carlos and I all got a great feeling while we were there. It will be a radical change for us! I´m preparing myself for the seismic shift in another week.

I´m at an Internet Cafe and Carlos needs to use the computer, so that´s all I´ll write for now. ¡Hasta pronto!

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