Sunday, January 31, 2010

Machetes, oh my

The top photos is one of my favorite things about Costa Rican hardware stores. You can buy machetes of all sizes. Very useful here, where electricity is costly, and importing tools from the U.S. can mean paying a lot extra in taxes.

The next photo is at the same hardware store. I found it very amusing that you could buy spurs there. Right next to them were bits for reins. Lots of horses and cattle here. I´ll miss it all when I go.

And finally, there is a picture of the bar in the restaurant. We just finished sanding and sealing the flat part of the bar. It was a long week, but I am so proud of Alex and Tonio for their hard work. This will be an inforgettable couple of months for them.

OK, time to catch the bus back to La Legua. Hasta luego.

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