Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heading to Rancho Montezumo

We're at the University for Peace again, and our friend, Charles, will soon be driving us the hour-long drive over the mountain to Puriscal. He and his wife have been extraordinarily kind to us, hosting us and filling us in on how the country works. They were happy to hear that we are enjoying ourselves and would consider spending more time here in the future. Alex thinks this place is Eden. Antonio would be happy to head home, but he's making the best of limited internet access and not having his laptop. It's very good for him, and I can see positive changes in him. In all of us, really. Our friends' calm demeanor has a good effect on us. they are Quakers, and I learned a little bit about their beliefs when some new Quaker friends came to visit.

While we were doing errands in Escazu, near San Jose, yesterday, my friends' car had some trouble, so we took it to a locksmith. Half of his key got stuck in the ignition, and a locksmith patiently worked on it for more than an hour. He only charged about 5,000 colones (about $10 U.S.) but my friend paid him extra, saying he did excellent work. That's the kind of person he is. I am so grateful that my kids have gotten to know Charles and Chris.

Alex looked at guitars at an obnoxiously overpriced mall in Escazu. He tried a few guitars then decided they just weren't worth it, since the sound quality was bad. We'll look to borrow one once we're in Puriscal, or perhaps we can find a better one at a better price. Not sure how that will turn out.

Once I'm in Puriscal, it will be much harder to update my blog, so entries may be more sporadic. I'm hoping the internet cafe won't be as far away as I've heard, but we shall see. Time to load up the car. Ciao!

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