Monday, January 25, 2010

The restaurant

The top three photos were taken in Rancho Montezumo´s restaurant/bar, and the bottom one was taken in Puriscal. The flower is a hibiscus, and they are everywhere right now. You can also see lots of bougainvillea. So pretty.
Jose and Leticia work seven days a week, and almost never take a vacation. I admire their dedication.
We tried some homamade wine today, which they call chicha (the same as in Peru). It was sweet and strong, and tasted a little like corn. It wasn´t bad for moonshine! They can´t sell it in the bar at Montezumo, but they can use it as a mixer for other drinks, like whiskey. Jose told me he would teach me how to make it. Too funny.
We eat our meals in the restaurant on the weekends since that is where Leticia and Jose spend all their time. One of their patrons surprised me by taking a close look at my blonde hair and being openly flirtacious with the American volunteers. Not my scene, though I was amused that he thought it was perfectly fine to think of my hair as a kind of science experiment.

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