Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Earthquake and eruptions

This will have to be quick, since a new friend is bringing over Gallo Pinto, or the national dish of red beans and rice. We are eating simply, but fabulously. Lots of mangoes, pineapples, papaya tomatoes, tortillas, and very little meat. We went to la trucheria (trout farm) and Antonio fished for an hour, but the fish had eaten all day and were not biting. He is there with Carlos this morning to give it another try.

Alex decided to clear the trail that leads from our friends' house down to the river. He will wash his clothes by hand later tonight, after we take a bus to Santa Barbara, about a half hour away. I tried to open an account yesterday, and after waiting an hour we found out that neither Banco Nacional nor Banco de Costa Rica let foreigners open accounts! (Too much money laundering was happening.)

There was a small earthquake at dawn yesterday, a normal occurrence. We slept through it! Two volcanoes, Poas and Turrialba ehave erupted. Farther away, Arenal is always erupting. This place is full of smiling, happy and accomodating people who live in conditioons that most of us would find very difficult - lots of walking, many power outages, deluges of rain in the rainy season (mostly May to November), and the list continues.

I must go now, but I will write again muy pronto (very soon).

Miss you all! Take care, and let's have a party when we get back! Ciao.

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