Thursday, January 14, 2010

Elver is the property manager for Piamonte, where our friends are hosting us. Elver took Carlos and me on a tour of the upper part of the property and showed us a coffee plant, whose red berries are ripe and ready for harvesting and subsequent roasting. The second photo shows the berries inside, which are surounded by a sweet substance that makes harvesting a ticky prospect. I tasted them and they were so sweet!
We also saw grenadinas (third photo from the top) which are like pomegranates, lima beans and tomates en palo, or stick tomatoes, which had a sweet and brilliant explosion of tastes. The fowers are so bright and beautiful, and are blooming in spite of not having had a soaking rain for many weeks.

The mist that occasionally falls is known as pelo de gato, or cat´s hair!

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