Thursday, January 7, 2010

I just saw a bird with the biggest wingspan I've ever seen in person. Maybe it was a condor? So beautiful, riding the thermals in the Central Valley.

There are no mosquitos during the day, and surprisingly few insects in general. Lucky us!

We are watching a skit about diversity right now at the University for Peace, done by the faculty members to teach the grad students bout how different cultures respond and where conflict may arise.

Carlos arrived this afternoon and we drove to the airport to get him. No glitches, except he thought he had missed a flight but all went well. So glad he made it OK.

There is a park across the street from us and there is a memorial to people who have advanced peace in the world. There is one dedicated to Peace Pilgrim, but I missed it so we'll need to go back and see it. She sounded like an amazing woman. I learned more about her at Ferry Beach last summer. A minister gave a fascinating sermon about her.

Tomorrow we will go horseback riding just down the road from the university, and we'll pay a visit to Jose Luis and Leticia at the finca where we'll be staying and volunteering. That should be fun.

On Saturday we plan to go to Piamonte where we'll stay for a week. It's on Barva Volcano, right nxt to Poas, which erupted a few days ago. No earthquakes so far, but I was told today that thye can be very subtle and I may not even realize it's happening. Whoa!

I don't want to be rude so I need to finish now in order to watch the skit. Ciaocito!

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