Friday, January 22, 2010

First days at Rancho Montezumo

We had a wonderful welcome by a half dozen or so interns who came to Rancho Montezumo from Rancho Mastatal, where we originally were headed. They told us about the projects there and invited us to come visit. We may do that, though it is a bit expensive since we´ll have to pay to stay overnight (due to the bus schedule). We´ll keep it in mind.

We work from 6 am until noon Monday through Friday, and the work varies from somewhat physical to very laid-back and easy. The family who lives there is very interested in learning English, so I will take time to teach them. One of the other volunteers at Montezumo, Emilia, has loaned me books so that will help a lot. There is another volunteer, also American, who is so cool (they both are amazing) and who told me a little bit about growing up as a Mennonite missionary in Cote dIvoire, western Africa. She has had an interesting life! It seems like every traveller I´ve met here has an incredible story to tell.

The kids and I start the day at the cow barn, where the two milk cows are milked. Today I got my chance, and although I did it slowly I thought it all came out fine. The trick is to move fast if the animal starts to make a mess. It´s an interesting balance! We had cheese this morning made from their milk, and it tasted like mozzarella. The food is plentiful, fresh, and delicious, all made by Leticia with some help from Emilia and Maria Laura.

The views knock your socks off. We saw the beautiful Costa Rican foothills as we took the bus to Puriscal, and it´s amazing to see how the mountain drops off, just at the edge of the road. Driving here is not for the faint of heart.

Antonio is very happy now that he was loaned an English book, one from the Twilight series. We should have brought more books with us! Alex was just befriended by a drunk kid who asked him for money.

Everything here is just a little bit slower. It is good to come with a lot of patience and expect that things won´t go exactly as you think they will. You can meet some very relaxed and happy people.

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