Wednesday, February 10, 2010

San José zoo, museums and a pizza in Puriscal

I did notice that the same picture was posted twice, I tried to remove it but couldn´t. Así son las cosas, as they say here. (Their equivalent of c´est la vie.)
We went to San José and visited a small zoo and two museums, one of which had unconventional musical instruments that you could play. The music sounded like it came from The Triplets of Belleville - eerie and a bit grating.
I took Antonio out for pizza yesterday and it was really delicious. I didn´t realize how much I´d missed it.
Last night some wild pigs were audibly eating, just below out cabaña where it is open on the side of a hill. Leticia thought it might be armadillos, but when I described the sounds they made she was sure it had to be wild boars. She insisted that they are tame. Ah, I think I´ll keep my distance just the same. Thank God they finally wandered off around 11 pm. I made pig squeals to try to scare them off, but I only succeeded in waking up Alex. It was completely funny and ridiculous to me. This trip has been a series o episodes like that. Just when I think I´ve adjusted to life here, something else surprises me!

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